Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Shirts

Well, I was watching SID AND NANCY today, and it made me think, why does music influence fashion so much more than literature?
Hot Topic has walls lined with concert Ts from every rock and punk band. Granted, I love music, but as a literature student, poet, and die-hard bibliophile, this irritates me. Why aren't there Sylvia Plath T-shirts instead of Sex Pistols, Zora Neale Hurston instead of The Ramones? So I was delighted to find a series of tops with book-cover images in the June issue of Real Simple Magazine, which arrived in today's mail. Gotta love synchronicity.
They are sold at Shopping on the site, I was reminded of being a kid and getting the Toys R Us holiday catalog, me and my sister, spoiled kids, delightedly turning pages and going, "I want this, and this, and this..."
I was hoping they'd be cheaper than the Catcher In The Rye and The Great Gatsby T-shirts I got from Urban Outfitters at $30 a pop. These are $28.00 each, which frankly, isn't much better. But I'm still planning to buy at least nine of them (there are 25 to choose from).
I'm looking forward to watching people's faces as I walk down the street wearing my LOLITA T-shirt.

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